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Dental Extraction

I am petrified of the dentist office but I went in with tooth pain and had the tooth extracted the same day.  He is a very caring dentist.  I have recommended him to many friends and family

Las Vegas Dental Fillings

Dental Restoration

I recently moved to the area and broke a tooth (I have no dental insurance).  Dr. Gallimore was very professional and informed me of my options.  I like that he didn’t push the need for a crown (as others have in the past) but suggested a filing because it involved less drilling away of the tooth.  He fixed my tooth and did excellent workmanship at a very reasonble cost.  I think he’s honest and I trust and highly recommend him!

Las Vegas Dental Patient

A Good Dental Plan

Definitely a doctor that cares about his work – I am not a fan of dentists but…when it comes down to it, Dr. G is as caring as a dentist can be.  Saturday hours are a plus for those that can’t see a dentist during the week. He’s done great work so far and has the best plan for my getting back and maintaining a healthy mouth. He has top-of-the-line equipment and every staff member is there “just for me” – I am treated personably and efficiently!  Thanks, Dr. Gallimore