Dental Services

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General Dentistry

Dental cleanings and hygiene: This is one of our most common dental services. During your regular hygiene visits, our hygienists will remove damaging deposits from your teeth that can cause cavities and infections.  Doing this regular maintenance on your teeth will help to prevent many potential health issues in the future.

Dental exams: A full dental exam involves checking each tooth for signs of decay or damage and inspecting your gums for possible gum disease.  Regular check-ups for crucial for the health of your teeth.

Periodontal care: Periodontal therapy is something  we employ when you have symptoms of gum disease. Gum disease can cause serious health problems if left to spread, so keeping it under control is one of our main objectives.

Children’s dentistry: Your children require special attention to make sure they are developing properly and to keep cavities from forming during these vital young years. That’s why your child’s dental care includes fluoride treatments and dental sealants.


Cosmetic Dentistry



If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, we can use a composite resin to reshape your tooth back to its original look. This process, called cosmetic dental bonding, allows us to correct a variety of problems with the cosmetic look of your teeth, including coffee staining.  This composite (tooth colored) resin material can be used to create fillings that are more aesthetically appealing than the traditional silver amalgam. Cosmetic dental bonding typically will take just one visit to our dental office and the results will last many years with proper care and maintenance.

Other cosmetic dentistry offerings available at GallimoreDDS & 702DENTIST includes teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.  A comprehensive personalized smile makeover plan created just for you by Dr. Glen Gallimore and his staff at 702DENTIST could include a combination of these procedures for good results. If you want to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can change your smile, give 702DENTIST a call today to schedule your consultation.  As an experienced Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Glen Gallimore will listen to your concerns and specially craft a plan that gets your smile where you want it to go – in a much more beautiful direction.



Dental Implants


Las Vegas Dental implants provide the most natural and healthy results available for tooth replacement, accurately mirroring the function of your own teeth by using titanium posts implanted into the jaw bone. When you lose a single tooth, you also lose the root which can help to cause long term jaw problems from this bone loss. Dental implants will support your jaw bone and prevent this bone loss while keeping your bite stable.

Dr. Gallimore tries to keep all his dental implant procedures affordable, convenient and strives to give you the best dental health results by working closely with his staff to give you a great, pain free smile.  702DENTIST & GallimoreDDS provides our patients with several different financing options, including our Springstone & CareCredit credit options.  We will work hard with our finance companies to get you approved and get your smile back as soon as possible.


Teeth Whitening



Nothing can radiate a youthful glow and improve your overall appearance like a beautiful, white smile. General, restorative, and cosmetic dentist Glen Gallimore can provide you with a professional-grade take-home teeth whitening kit personalized just for you.

A take-home teeth whitening kit gives you the ultimate in convenience and allows you to whiten your teeth whenever and wherever you want. We create custom bleaching trays that will fit your teeth perfectly, giving you even coverage and also protecting your soft tissues from the bleaching agent. All you do is take your whitening kit home and spend a few minutes each day wearing your trays. After only three or four days, you will start to see pretty dramatic results.  Our take-home teeth whitening kit has been shown to provide consistent and predictable results and is completely safe when used as directed.